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Message from CEO

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Message from CEO

185147_4673353921623_1529584346_nMessage from CEO, Masakatsu Hayashi

We appreciate to you reading our message.
We are ★STARMARK®, having a mission to "spread good things of Japan into the world, good things of the world into Japan, good traditional things into today and good things of today into tradition". Being an executive exporter of JAPANESE CULUTURES, we are pleased to spread a variety of Japanese cultures to people in this generation and to this beautiful world.

Our logo, ★ is well known all over the world and means the same everywhere as "STARMARK". We hope that our Japanese cultures will be accepted everywhere universally, just like ★ (an emblem of STARMARK), and will be loved by everyone. At the same time we want to create that of the world. This is why we named our company STARMARK.

Let me explain our business activities. We provide an e-commerce website called "Shinisetsuhan.net", where we treat products of more than 100-year-old stores. We also support our clients' expansion of business models to other countries by using "geminiCMS", "orionLOGI" and "libraCART". We show a variety of solutions to our clients to support their marketing, branding and export of experience into domestic and global markets. We are pleased to spread Japanese cultures, companies, products and services with our clients.

Japan will be faced with declining population in the first time since the dawn of history and is concerned of decrease of domestic demand structure. By taking into account not only domestic but also global markets, we hope our activities let people know the beautiful world with Japanese cultures and make this living world richer. We make every effort to achieve this.