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Premium Quality Matcha from Uji Kyoto Japan

茶々 tchatcha


茶々- tchatcha

is the finest class matcha.

The strict selection of tea leaves

grown in Kyoto.

Enjoy that feeling “Umami”

with its soft bitterness.

〜How to enjoy matcha〜

◆You will need

– A tea whisk or a small western whisk.

– Japanese rice bowl or a bowl.

*Keep it warm.

◆How to enjoy matcha

1, Bring the water (70 ml) to a full boil, then cool down between 70℃ and 80℃.

2, Put 1.5 g of tchatcha in the heated bowl.

3, Pour on a small quantity of the hot water, then stir it with a whisk, softly.

4, Pour on rest of the hot water, wiggling your wrist back and forth, then remove it and fix the surface.

     If you crush the big bubbles, its surface will look better.

5, Smaller forms taste pleasant.

    Please enjoy tchatcha with some snacks.